racconto solido

Art direction and performance: Silvia Costa

Sound design: BE.A.

racconto solido 2racconto solido 3

“Racconto Solido” is the second pure experimental event of Electro Camp (2015 Edition), ideated by Joahn Merrich. Artists Alberto Favaretto ad Elisa Bortolussi have been invited to realize a space for a performer. The never recieved indications about specific issue. Then curators of ElectroCamp indentified 3 gropus of performers  (Fagarazzi&Zuffellato, Marta Ciàppina, Silvia Costa) e thre composer in the field of electronic music (Kalalunatic, Patrizia Mattioli, B.E.A.). Performers and musicians never collaborated before, and they performed in the space created by Alberto Favaretto and Elisa Bortolussi. The result of this experiment is a sort of blind date, who has the aim to reveal the mysterious process that  brings to the perfermance.